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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Dear friends,

I’m excited to turn 30 on June 12 and decided that I want to spend the 30 days of June doing the things that I love best – a full month of celebrating friendships and activities I love. After some brainstorming and some coordination, here is what I have planned for the month of June. Take a look and let me know if you’d like to join me for any of these activities – all of the ones listed here have open invitations!

Also, I’m going to be having a twin-themed, diabetic friendly potluck BBQ on Saturday, June 11 at 6pm at 2220 S. Cherokee St, Denver 80223.

  • Please bring a diabetic friendly dish – and remember that gluten-free is not always diabetic friendly (feel free to check out Diabetic Living Online,, and Better Recipes). And bring the recipe to share with me to help me keep figuring out delicious and healthy things I can eat!
  • Dress as a twin! This can be famous twins (Mary Kate & Ashley? Tegan & Sara? Patty & Selma?). Plan with a buddy to wear the same outfit. Or do your best creative interpretation of twins!
  • Since it worked so well for Anna and Michelle, if you’re interested in doing a CD mix exchange, bring two copies of a mix CD with you (one for me and one to trade) and you’ll get to take someone else’s mix home with you!

And… if you have other ideas for things for us to do together (especially during the day on weekdays), let me know!

Love, kelly

6/1 (Wed): 8pm CRAFT NIGHT
6/2 (Thurs): 7pm SQUARE DANCING with the Rainbeaus
6/3 (Fri): 8pm DAMN GURL!
6/4 (Sat): 2pm CHALK FESTIVAL on Larimer Square; 6pm 27 SOCIAL CENTRE GRAND OPENING

6/5 (Sun): 2pm LAKESIDE to celebrate both Jordan and Kelly’s birthdays (Jordan’s b-day is 6/23) – unlimited rides and gate admission is $19.75
6/6 (Mon): 1pm CELESTIAL SEASONINGS TOUR – free! (leaving Denver around noon)
6/7 (Tues): 6pm dinner and watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS movie
6/8 (Wed): 8pm LINE DANCING AND TWO STEPPING at Charlie’s – free line dance lessons from 8-9pm and dancing afterwards
6/9 (Thurs): 6:40pm ROCKIES vs. DODGERS
6/11 (Sat): BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! (see above)

6/12 (Sun): 6am Hike GRAYS PEAK; then see the new movie with Kyle Chandler/Coach Taylor, SUPER 8 in the evening
6/13 (Mon): 6:40pm ROCKIES vs. PADRES
6/14 (Tues): 9pm BOWLING at Elitch Lanes – 9pm to close, entry fee of $5, then games, shoes and hot dogs are just 25 cents!
6/15 (Wed): 6:30pm FULL MOON HIKE – contact me for location
6/16 (Thurs): 7pm SQUARE DANCING with the Rainbeaus
6/17 (Fri): 8pm LINE DANCING AND TWO STEPPING at Charlie’s – free line dance lessons from 8-9pm and dancing afterwards
6/18 (Sat): 8pm CRAFT TIME at 3250 E. 6th Ave

6/19 (Sun): DENVER PRIDEFEST; 1:10pm ROCKIES vs. TIGERS; 7pm FLAMING RAINBOW TOUR (at the Denver Zine Library – I’ll be reading from one of my zines!)
6/22 (Wed): 4:30pm BATTING CAGES at Slammers; 8pm LINE DANCING AND TWO-STEPPING at Charlie’s – free line dance lessons from 8-9pm and dancing afterwards
6/23 (Thurs): 7pm SQUARE DANCING with the Rainbeaus
6/24 (Fri): 8-10pm ROLLER SKATING at Skate City in Littleton – $4.50 for admission, $1.50 traditional skate rental, blacklights, fog machine & all of the latest music
6/25 (Sat): 1-4pm BOOKBINDING WORKSHOP at the Denver Zine Library; HOUSEWARMING at 3250 E. 6th Ave

6/26 (Sun): 11am-3pm DENVER ZINE LIBRARY open hours; 4pm MINI GOLF at Adventure Golf & Raceway – $7.95/person; nighttime STARGAZING (contact me if you’re interested and we’ll pick a place together)
6/29 (Wed): 6:40pm ROCKIES vs. WHITE SOX
6/30 (Thurs): 7pm GAME NIGHT at 3250 E. 6th Ave